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SMS Polling & Voting

Voting or SMS polling enables you to vote by text. Create multiple choice questions with any number of choices or open end response. Allow organizations to create fun interactive engaging Text voting campaigns. All incoming mobile number are recorded and available for future text message alerts. You can limit votes per participants. You can set start and end date time of polls.

It offers most economical and some of the highest participation rates of all audience response system (ARS)

  • Build your brand by adding real-time interactivity into your Radio or TV or web site programs via text messaging. For example a Radio DJ can announce a live poll, watch the tally in real-time respondents send a text message vote. In turn, listeners receive a reply indicating the current tally and a radio-sponsor tag.
  • A retail store may ask customers' feedback on various aspects, such as rate customer service, rate store products range, etc

Universal SMS Advertising offers fully managed text messaging application environment, you can create SMS Polls on the fly using our web based admin site and watch live tally. Interact with your audience live